Do you ship to the USA or International.

     At this time we only ship within Canada.  Please email us if outside of Canada and we will investigate shipping and customes and do our best to service you.

Do we have a service crew?

     No, we are in house sales, repair and advice only.  We do maintain a list of local independent pool and spa professionals to recommend

Do we have a recommendation for someone to install liner?

     Yes we have arrangements with a local company to measure and complete your installation.

Are we a locally owned business?

     Yes, we are locally owned, family run business with strong roots in Kelowna and the local business community.

Do you repair all circuit boards?

     No, we only repair spa and pool circuit boards as this is the equipment we have to test properly.

What is your turn around time for repairs.

     Typically a couple of days on pumps and 1 week for circuit boards.

Do we supply a warranty of rebuilt product?

     Yes, all rebuilt motors and circuit boards have a 90 day guarantee.

Do we sell pool liners and how quickly are they accessible?

     Yes, time to supply varies by time of year but usually within 4 weeks.

Do you do water testing of pool & spas?

     Yes, we are pleased to provide complimentary water testing with a detailed explanation of how to addresss any imbalances.  As for your free water test bottle to bring us a sample.

Do we repair pool and spa equipment?

     Yes, we are able to rebuild pumps, circuit boards and spa packs.

Do we sell pool & spa chemicals?

     Yes, we sell the full line of Regal chemicals and others for any need.

Do we sell robotic cleaners?

     Yes, we carry the Dolphin line of cleaners.  We can also source hard to find repair parts for most brands.

Can we supply Rocky's Reel Cover Systems and parts?

     Yes, we stock most of their product and is available to order online through our website with delivery options 

Can we supply hot tub covers?

     Yes and fairly quickly at competitive prices.  See our Hot Tub Covers section on our website for ordering information and colors.

Do you sell used equipment?

     Yes, we have a large inventory of gently used or refurbished equipment.

 How do you pay your invoice?

We send bills and invoices by email. Upon receiving your invoice, follow the "Pay By Credit Card" link to complete your payment. Shopify accepts all major credit cards and Interac debit and paypal.